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Truck Services

Central Transportation Services has made arrangements with various national companies to provide you with Exclusive Truck Service when you have a valuable, fragile, or critical shipment that requires special care and handling. Our Exclusive Truck Service is the safest, fastest alternative to heavy weight air freight service.

Exclusive Truck service gives you the added security in knowing that your shipment will arrive in the same condition in which it left. When time is important or special handling is required, Central Transportation Services delivers.

LTL Truck Services

Express LTL
Express LTL gives you the advantage of air freight service at the cost of using a truck. Like the airlines, our air-ride equipped trucks are on set departure schedules. They run directly between airports so your freight is handled less and delivered faster. When you want fast LTL service, without the cost of air freight, take advantage of CTS' Express LTL service. 
Express LTL service is usually delivered within half the time of a regular LTL carrier.

Economy LTL
For the most economical service, CTS offers Economy LTL Trucking allowing us to compete with common carriers on your regular LTL. 
CTS provides competitive rates while delivering superior customer service and a faster transit time. CTS' Economy LTL gives you maximum LTL service at a minimum price.


Central Transportation Services offers a full line of global services: Door to Airport, Airport to Airport, and Door to Door.

CTS' Global Export services include:

  • Air & Ocean Export Services
  • Priority & Deferred rates & schedules
  • Country requirements
  • Currency Exchange rate information

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